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Wroclaw University of Technology Wroclaw University of Technology

Special Sessions

WebSys’2012: Collective Intelligence in Web Systems – Web Systems Analysis
Organizers: Dr. Kazimierz Choroś and ProfMohamed Hassoun

CIBC 2012: Computational Intelligence for Business Collaboration
Organizers: ProfJason J. Jung and Dr. Huu-Hanh Hoang

ADMTA 2012 on Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Applications
Organizers: Dr. Bay Vo,  Prof. Tzung-Pei Hong and ProfLe Hoai Bac

IACCI’2012 on Industrial Applications of Computational Collective Intelligence
Organizers: ProfVan Tien Do

CPS’2012: Special Session on Cooperative Problem Solving
Organizers: Prof. Piotr Jedrzejowicz and Dr. Dariusz Barbucha

CSI’2012: Computational Swarm Intelligence
Organizers: Prof.  Urszula Boryczka

CIST’2012: Collective Intelligence with Semantic Technology
Organizers: Prof. Geun Sik Jo and Dr. Trong Hai Duong

SmartS’2012: Smart Solutions in Computational Collective Intelligence
Organizers: Prof. Ondrej Krejcar and Dr. Peter Brida

MissTRAL’2012: Mobile Intelligent Sensors and Systems Technology in Radial Assistive Living
Organizers: Dr. Marek Penhaker, Dr. Martin Černý and Martin Augustynek

SMKDC’2012: Semantic Methods for Knowledge Discovery and Communication
Organizers: Dr. Tzu-Fu Chiu, Dr. Chao-Fu Hong, Prof. Radosław Katarzyniak, Prof. Thanh Ngoc Nguyen

MOTBI’2012: Modelling and Optimization Techniques for Business Intelligence
Organizers: Prof. Le Thi Hoai An and Prof. Pham Dinh Tao


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